How to make your home smell amazing

Geodesis Scented Candle in Black Tea (China)
ILLUMENS Scented Candle in Reading Room
LUCIA Guest Hand Soaps

We’ve put together our top tips for making your home (and car) smell fantastic, through home fragrance, to essential oils

The winter season can really drag – it’s dark, wet and cold. Here at The Grey Works, we find the perfect way to lift the mood whilst we wait for Spring is with some home fragrance.

Smells are known to affect your mood and feelings. A bad odour can make you feel unpleasant, in the same way a beautiful smell can be so uplifting. We have put together a few suggestions for making your home (and car) smell amazing.

Fresh Air

The easiest way to freshen the air in your home is to let the outside in, so throw open a few windows. Even though it is cold out there, some fresh air and outside energy can work wonders. We also recommend burning some dried sage. This will rid your space of any negative energies and will clean the air, as well as leaving a heady aroma.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are the easiest way to fill your home with gorgeous scent. We love all our candle ranges that we have carefully chosen, this includes our Lucia, Geodesis and Illumens Times and Places Collections.

The Lucia candles we stock are from Canada and are made from Soy and are 100% organic. We recommend the new Orange and Moss fragrance as it suits this time of year so well – the smell is just divine.

Our Geodesis range comes from France and although it looks simple and understated in terms of packaging, their fragrance is anything but. The scents are immensely pure and will linger in your home for hours. Geodesis stock a huge range but we have carefully selected our favourites for you all to try.

The Illumens Times and Places collection is gorgeous and evocative of the creators memories and places. We adore these scented candles. All the fragrances have matching diffusers, which is a great way to add a constant fragrance without the need for a flame. These work perfectly in smaller spaces.

Herbs and Fruit

There are many other ways to make your home smell fabulous. Try having fresh potted herbs in the kitchen such as basil and thyme, marjoram and rosemary, all will give off a heady aroma and freshen the air.

Another one of our top tricks is to throw some throw some lemons and limes down your waste disposal system (if you have one), to create a fresh zesty smell.

Essential Oils and Fresh Flowers

A few drops of essential oil in a bowl of water resting on or near a radiator will create a lovely scent – try lavender, rose or lemon. Fresh flowers also work really well such as scented roses, lilies and Jasmine.

Make your car smell great

We have recently discovered a fabulous way to make your car smell amazing too with ‘Roadscents’ available from Victoria Health (one of our favourite websites). Availabe in two fragrances which are ‘Godsmell’ – a blend of patchouli, sandalwood and cedar and Roserage – made from red rose, jasmine and musk. Both are divine!

Just a few little ways to make your life and home more comforting whilst we watch Spring emerge.

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