Decorate your living space with linen

The Grey Works know just how to make your living area look fantastic, and it all starts with Linen…

Linen Cushions

We have now created our own range of linen products made from our signature Swedish linen that we also sell by the metre. We have some beautiful cushions with a frilled edge that measure 50cm by 50cm and some extra-large cushions at 65cm x 65cm which have been extremely popular with our customers. Linen really comes into its own in the summer and linen cushions make a great switch for the warmer months.

Linen tablecloths

We also stock a range of gorgeous linen tablecloths. We love a well-dressed table here at The Grey Works… so any excuse! We stock frayed edge tablecloths with matching linen napkins. We also stock larger sized linen tablecloths with a deep frill – which are truly stunning.

Some final tips… the finishing touches

To add some finer detail to your beautifully decorated table, finish it off with our Hester & Cook paper placemats. We stock a wide range of these luxury placemats – from sea creature prints, to a classic parchment brown placemat with metallic trimmings.

You can also add a banquet style touch to your table setting by adding a paper table runner. We stock a range of the Hester & Cook styles, ranging from modern monochrome designs, to fancy gold marbled prints. The best part about the paper runners and placemats is that you simply recycle them when you’re finished!

If you’ve visited our store in Haywards Heath, you’ll know exactly how obsessed we are with the Ester & Erik candle range. These will truly finish off any table setting and will instantly set the mood with their illumination.

We will be adding to our linen range later in the year and hope to include some fabulous bed linen… so watch this space!

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