Decorate your living space with linen

The Grey Works know just how to make your living area look fantastic, and it all starts with Linen…

Linen Cushions

We have now created our own range of linen products made from our signature Swedish linen that we also sell by the metre. We have some beautiful cushions with a frilled edge that measure 50cm by 50cm and some extra-large cushions at 65cm x 65cm which have been extremely popular with our customers. Linen really comes into its own in the summer and linen cushions make a great switch for the warmer months.

Linen tablecloths

We also stock a range of gorgeous linen tablecloths. We love a well-dressed table here at The Grey Works… so any excuse! We stock frayed edge tablecloths with matching linen napkins. We also stock larger sized linen tablecloths with a deep frill – which are truly stunning.

Some final tips… the finishing touches

To add some finer detail to your beautifully decorated table, finish it off with our Hester & Cook paper placemats. We stock a wide range of these luxury placemats – from sea creature prints, to a classic parchment brown placemat with metallic trimmings.

You can also add a banquet style touch to your table setting by adding a paper table runner. We stock a range of the Hester & Cook styles, ranging from modern monochrome designs, to fancy gold marbled prints. The best part about the paper runners and placemats is that you simply recycle them when you’re finished!

If you’ve visited our store in Haywards Heath, you’ll know exactly how obsessed we are with the Ester & Erik candle range. These will truly finish off any table setting and will instantly set the mood with their illumination.

We will be adding to our linen range later in the year and hope to include some fabulous bed linen… so watch this space!

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The Grey Work’s open their first store in Haywards Heath

Lighting in The Grey Works store
The Grey Works Store
Luxurious Swedish Linen from The Grey Works

We are proud to announce that our first shop is now open in West Sussex. Pop in, say hi, grab a drink and browse beautiful things for you and your home. 

We are so excited to open our new store at 19, The Broadway in Haywards Heath. It feels like it has taken forever to refit but it has been worth the wait and the customers we have met so far have been absolutely lovely. We were not expecting to undertake quite the amount of work that was needed to make the store “The Grey Works” ready, but we are so pleased with the final result.

Refitting the store

We removed the suspended ceiling, re-plastered the whole store and had a completely new floor fitted. We then rewired and put up some fabulous chandeliers (3 of course – we love a trilogy at The Grey Works!). The plastered walls looked so good we left them just the way they were and had them sealed with a clear resin.

Instead of a staff kitchen we took down the wall to make an open plan kitchen area at the back of the store which has a bar/cash wrap area so our customers can pull up a stool and enjoy a drink whilst we wrap their purchases and have a chat.

What you should expect to see in the shop…

We will be changing our selection in store as much as we can to keep things fresh. Expect to see our gorgeous ester & erik candles in over 50 colours, our branded signature Swedish linen range which has tablecloths and sumptuous cushions along with hand towels and “By The Metre”. You can also browse our paper placemats, which are always really popular and of course lovely lighting and furniture. Bedside tables being a particular favourite.

We look forward to seeing you in store if you are local to us or perhaps visiting. Otherwise, do browse our range online with free delivery and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with all things The Grey Works.

Enjoy! Xx

Holidaying in the West Indies

St Kitts, Belle Mont Farm Belle Mont Farm is set in a lush tropical forest
Charter Plane, West Indies Our charter plane to take us over the Caribbean Ocean
Rebecca and the pilot, Antione Thanks Antione for a safe flight!
St Nevis, West Indies View of the sister island, St Nevis
St Kitts settings View from the main pool
Sunsets in St Kitts Fabulous Sunsets in St Kitts
Properties in the West Indies Beautiful plantation style properties
St Kitts restrooms Love the Restrooms!
Rebecca Rowles Davies Family My little family
Furniture in St Kitts Loved the furniture!
Infinity pools in the West Indies Fabulous infinity pools
Architecture in Belle Mont Resort Loved the Architecture at Belle Mont

We are feeling inspired after a wonderfully relaxing trip to St Kitts

The Grey Works have just returned from an inspirational trip to the beautiful island of St Kitts in the West Indies. We flew into Antiqua and then took a private charter plane across the Caribbean Sea to St Kitts.

Click here to download the video of our plane take off!

Belle Mont Farm Resort

On arrival we were driven up to the lush green Kittitian Hill to the rather fabulous resort called Belle Mont Farm.  I have spent a lot of time in the Caribbean,  although this was my first visit to St Kitts. What struck me initially is that because the resort is nestled amongst 400 acres of fertile, lush tropical forest it felt really cool and relaxing without what can often be a punishing level of heat. The Farm is organic and sources much of it’s produce from its own land and neighbouring suppliers.

Beautiful Interiors

Designed by renowned architect Bill Bensley the Farm and the surrounding buildings are modelled in a  Plantation Style. Think huge shutter doors, wrap around verandas and white and pale grey colour palette. It is beautifully appointed with breathtaking views  and dark slate infinity pools. No expense has been spared to create a luxury environment,  even the drapes, towels  and linens were gorgeous.

Nothing was more beautiful than watching the sun set every evening across  a pink and orange sky over the glistening ocean on the balcony of our villa. It was magical.


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How to make your home smell amazing

Geodesis Scented Candle in Black Tea (China)
ILLUMENS Scented Candle in Reading Room
LUCIA Guest Hand Soaps

We’ve put together our top tips for making your home (and car) smell fantastic, through home fragrance, to essential oils

The winter season can really drag – it’s dark, wet and cold. Here at The Grey Works, we find the perfect way to lift the mood whilst we wait for Spring is with some home fragrance.

Smells are known to affect your mood and feelings. A bad odour can make you feel unpleasant, in the same way a beautiful smell can be so uplifting. We have put together a few suggestions for making your home (and car) smell amazing.

Fresh Air

The easiest way to freshen the air in your home is to let the outside in, so throw open a few windows. Even though it is cold out there, some fresh air and outside energy can work wonders. We also recommend burning some dried sage. This will rid your space of any negative energies and will clean the air, as well as leaving a heady aroma.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are the easiest way to fill your home with gorgeous scent. We love all our candle ranges that we have carefully chosen, this includes our Lucia, Geodesis and Illumens Times and Places Collections.

The Lucia candles we stock are from Canada and are made from Soy and are 100% organic. We recommend the new Orange and Moss fragrance as it suits this time of year so well – the smell is just divine.

Our Geodesis range comes from France and although it looks simple and understated in terms of packaging, their fragrance is anything but. The scents are immensely pure and will linger in your home for hours. Geodesis stock a huge range but we have carefully selected our favourites for you all to try.

The Illumens Times and Places collection is gorgeous and evocative of the creators memories and places. We adore these scented candles. All the fragrances have matching diffusers, which is a great way to add a constant fragrance without the need for a flame. These work perfectly in smaller spaces.

Herbs and Fruit

There are many other ways to make your home smell fabulous. Try having fresh potted herbs in the kitchen such as basil and thyme, marjoram and rosemary, all will give off a heady aroma and freshen the air.

Another one of our top tricks is to throw some throw some lemons and limes down your waste disposal system (if you have one), to create a fresh zesty smell.

Essential Oils and Fresh Flowers

A few drops of essential oil in a bowl of water resting on or near a radiator will create a lovely scent – try lavender, rose or lemon. Fresh flowers also work really well such as scented roses, lilies and Jasmine.

Make your car smell great

We have recently discovered a fabulous way to make your car smell amazing too with ‘Roadscents’ available from Victoria Health (one of our favourite websites). Availabe in two fragrances which are ‘Godsmell’ – a blend of patchouli, sandalwood and cedar and Roserage – made from red rose, jasmine and musk. Both are divine!

Just a few little ways to make your life and home more comforting whilst we watch Spring emerge.