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Posted on June 08 2020




Steps and tips on how to create an elegant tablescape. A tablescape is a creative arrangement on a dining table with centrepieces.


As we emerge from this strange hinterland, dusting ourselves down and looking forward to the future, we can once again think about sharing food with friends and family. Maybe not in a restaurant for a while, but in our homes where I think there will be a real shift towards entertaining and creating a wonderful space in which to dine and welcome loved ones again. 



Why you should make a tablescape


We adore a gorgeous tablescape at The Grey Works! It is so easy to be creative on a table top in whatever space you have whether inside or outside for lunch, tea, supper or dinner.  Be it formal, casual or makeshift, anything goes and it can be a wonderful way to express yourself and immerse yourself in the process.



Steps to creating a tablescape


My Mum was (and is) an absolute sticker for a well-dressed table, particularly on a Sunday when the best table finery would be laid. My siblings and I were taught to start with the table linen, an absolute must and do look out for our brand new range of French linen tablecloths which we have developed exclusively which will be hitting soon. Placemats would follow and then of course  the “best’ silver cutlery (only on a Sunday or for a dinner party) then candles and napkins and of course a floral centrepiece. 


Our favourite products for dressing a table



These days tablescapes have come a long way and the possibilities are endless. We are very passionate about our range of Hester & Cook  table runners and placemats that we import all the way from Nashville, Tennessee, they are so divine and easy to use. They are the perfect inspiration and starting point for the rest of your table layout, be it peonies, or seashells, stars, stripes or chinoiserie. Compliment with the paper table accents, our lovely flower vines fresh or dried flowers or decorative faux moss, ivy, t-lights or just anything pretty that works for you. 


One of the last touches is of course a napkin and we have our very own range of frayed edge linen napkins and we also love the paper napkins by Francoise Paviot if you don’t feel like having an extra laundry chore.  


The final flourish? A tapered and extremely elegant 42cm dining candle which we currently sell in over 60 colours and send out to happy customers all over the world. Simple, yet decadent beauty.


We cannot wait to be out of restrictions and I think we have all earned a beautifully styled tablespace to please and delight our guests. If you create your own tablescape, we’d love to see it! Email your photo to Enjoy!


Much love,


Rebecca x