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‘Tis The Season For Bathscaping

Posted on January 12 2021

‘Tis The Season For Bathscaping


One of our constants through the lockdowns has been a jigsaw. I love the organised chaos of a jigsaw.

The finding of the straight edges, the grouping of the colours then starting to fill in. The fact that the whole family can be involved and that there is no time frame or deadline. The satisfaction when you find that elusive piece and then of course the feeling of completion at the end.

My other constant is my nightly bathing ritual. Here are my suggestions for creating the ultimate bath time experience.


It is important to set the scene of course and I begin with fragrance. Currently a Geodesis coconut wax scented candle in Mimosa, beautifully floral and like a ray of sunshine in the Winter. I also absolutely adore the marble black fragrance oil by Sevin London which I pop into a diffuser.

It’s all in the lighting

For complete relaxation only candlelight will do so I may light a candelabra such as our Tivoli with some Ester & Erik tapered candles to create a subtle glow.

Then what to put in the bath?

Sometimes I will just use plain magnesium salts which are so restorative and perfect before bedtime to help you sleep. My favourite, however, is Olverum bath oil which has an incredible scent that fills the floor and leaves the skin so soft. To wash I use an organic soap cube from The Sussex Soap House not least because they are so pretty.

Finishing touches

Finally some calming music a magazine or a book. I have just finished Clover Stroud's memoir called The Wild Other which was excellent. If I am too tired to read then I will pop on a deeply calming Spacemask and try not to fall asleep!


I was rather pleased to find out that there is now a name for my evening routine which is bathscaping. Yes, this is now a thing! I have long been a fan of tablescaping which brings me great joy so I am delighted to include bathscaping in my list of loves.

However, you chose to relax and get through this third lockdown I hope you can find some peace and restoration. Let us all remember that this too will pass.

Love Rebecca x