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Our Story

Created in the May of 2017, The Grey Works began as a website and progressed to a “bricks and mortar” shop in Haywards Heath which we quickly outgrew! We are now located in a  large studio overlooking the lagoon in Hove, East Sussex (very close to Brighton).

Founder, Rebecca, has a background in Fashion Retail Management  which was moulded in London’s West End with an “old school “department store training, upon which the TGW customer service ethos is based. Rebecca also set up one of the first personal shopping suites which are now synonymous within the fashion industry. The influence of an interior designer Mother ,who was an incredible seamstress, and also taught G.C.S.E and A Level textiles at a top British school, along with many shopping trips to Liberty London and being dragged around Antique shops with siblings  in her childhood, have culminated in The Grey Works. French inspired homewares with a vintage feel is our vibe, along with the fact we aspire to be ever evolving. Change is good,  it brings new energy and incentive and Rebecca (a change addict) constantly moves the furniture around in her house along with children, dogs and thankfully not yet her husband, he clings on. Please stay there Nick we all need you.  The French vibe comes from a love of France, the French style and the fact that Rebecca’s maiden name (Cammish) is descended from De Cammois. “I have always felt extremely comfortable  in Normandy where I have ancestry. My Father is from a long line of Filey fisherman in North Yorkshire so hence my gravitation toward the sea”. TGW has now migrated to a studio,  a stone’s throw from the beach in Hove where Rebecca now lives and from where we send our beautiful homewares out to the world.





Team Grey Works is small but beautifully formed. We have Rebecca the Matriach, Mary Ann her best friend, all round superstar and co-owner of other businesses they share with their husbands, Nick & Dean. Kirsty is the back bone of the brand who is head of fulfilment and general doer of all great things. Lauren is the star of design and visual content and is a little firecracker, sister Holly is right beside her. Aggie is the financial wizard who keeps Rebecca and her creative flow in check (essential) and finally Dave who we could not live without and fixes everything that Rebecca breaks amongst many other very useful practices. Hello from the team, you can live chat via the website, email enquiries@thegreyworks.com, call us on 01273 323292, WhatsApp on 07973 143745 or pop in and see us.





We are generally in the studio from Monday to Friday from 10am until 5pm but this is not set in stone as we may be at our warehouse so do check if you would like to visit on 01273 232292.  As a rule only our smaller items are available to shop at the studio so if you would like to see furniture, mirrors or lighting do make an appointment so we can ensure they are on display for you, weekends are available. We work with many event and wedding professionals and offer an automatic 20% off when you order 10 or more pairs of our stunning tapered dining candles in 75 colours.