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Candles and Diffusers

Have you been thinking of buying new furniture pieces for your home, but have so far been unable to find a retailer that lives up to your expectations? Are you interested in buying candles and diffusers that provide subtle aromas around your property? If either of these questions produced a positive response, allow us to introduce ourselves - we are The Grey Works

Based in the heart of Hove, we pride ourselves on selling products that have a distinct element of French inspiration within them. The relationship that we have with retailers in Europe mean that our catalogue is always full with interesting and exciting units. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in learning a little more about, you can do so by sending us an email directly at We will be sure to provide you with a prompt and insightful response.

Benefits of Diffusers

Contrary to popular belief, there are countless advantages to placing a diffuser around your home, and these range beyond the simple fact that they produce a lovely aroma. Depending on the fragrance that these are loaded up with, these are an excellent way in which to reduce your stress levels, particularly if you have had a difficult day at the office. Not only this, but if you were to place this within your bedroom, and used lavender or chamomile, you will find a noticeable difference in the quality of your sleep. If candles and diffusers are on your wishlist this Christmas, it could be exploring what The Grey Works have to offer.

How Can We Help You?

Should you decide that you would like an assortment of candles and diffusers in your house, we are pleased to inform you that here at The Grey Works, we won’t leave you disappointed with a lack of options. In terms of candles, we have countless designs from which to choose from - whether it is Mini Lemongrass & Grapefruit Candles that takes your fancy, or you would like to opt for a more traditional Tuberose Scented Candle, we will leave you smiling-and-satisfied. Alternatively, our aromatic diffusers, such as the Black Tea option, will put you into somewhat of a blissful state.

Why Choose The Grey Works?

As a company that professes to be the home of first-class home accessories, we would love to help bring about a transformation within your property. However, before proceeding to place an order, you will likely be wondering as to why it is that out of all the companies in the area, it is The Grey Works that is best-suited to help. 

Aside from our prices, which ensure that you don’t have to break the bank to afford first-class products, we have become well-known for our wonderful customer service. If you need any evidence of this, simply spend some time reading over our glowing Google Reviews - these should illustrate that when it comes to candles and diffusers, we are the retailer for you.