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Do You Want to Find the Best Bergamot Candles?

If you’re looking for a brilliantly fragrant candle with a number of benefits and a citrusy and spicy undertones, then you should try the Bergamot Candles at The Grey Works. Bergamot Candles have a great reputation as a healing agent and a great addition to holistic therapy, something that makes it greatly popular with many of our customers. At The Grey Works, we’re all about making your house a great place to be, ensuring that we stock fantastic, vintage style pieces that are guaranteed to help you feel right at home. 

From our Parisian style furniture to our fantastic range of both scented and decorative candles, we have everything that you could need to create that ideal environment for you to come home to and relax. We have found that there are a number of benefits to using bergamot candles in your home beyond creating a fantastic scented candle. 

How are bergamot candles made?

A Bergamot is a type of tree that grows a fantastically fragrant citrus fruit and is originally from Italy. It is the oil from this tree that is used to create a fantastic scent that is unlike any other. When used to create our amazing bergamot candles, the scent is a refreshing mix of orange and lemon, which can create a really open and fresh scent to your room, risking it smelling like a bathroom!

Why choose bergamot candles?

There are so many health benefits that you can gain from harnessing the power of our bergamot candles. One of which is that the aromatic experience that is offered by bergamot candles is uplifting and relaxing, both elements that can really help you to unwind from the stress and anxiety that might have built up throughout the day. Alleviating these symptoms can help you to create a great atmosphere in your home, which is something that you’ll want to come home to. With the help of bergamot candles, you’ll be able to create your own corner of paradise, a retreat from the business and the stress of the rest of the world. 

Beyond creating a nice ambiance, other benefits from lighting bergamot candles include reducing fatigue, improving circulation, driving metabolism, and combating many of the symptoms of depression. Despite its many incredible and useful qualities, we would like to mention that bergamot candles shouldn’t be used as a sole replacement for medical treatment and if symptoms continue to persist or to escalate, then you should make sure that you contact a medical professional. 

Want a candle of your own?

If our bergamot candles sound like something right up your ally, then why not browse our collection to find the right candles for you. While you can come into the store, many of our customers enjoy the convenience of being able to order through our wonderful website. If, for whatever reason, you’re struggling with our website, or if you have found that you’d like to know more about our exceptional bergamot candles, then feel free to get in touch with our staff directly by giving us a call on 01273 423492 or emailing us at