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What Makes Our Frenchic Furniture Paint Collection Outstanding?

what is Frenchic paintFrenchic furniture paint is one of the most sought-after paints today as it can revitalise and revamp any of your furnture with a shabby chic and exquisite look that can beautify any space.

Here at The Grey Works, we are proud to sell a  vast  collection of the finest quality Frenchic paint and accessories.

Frenchic furniture paint guarantees outstanding coverage, resulting in a beautifully painted furniture piece. It is VOC-free and contains very low to no toxins and solvents, which means that it leaves no smell, making it suitable for painting indoors.

The best thing about this paint is that it has EN:71-3 certification, making it completely safe to use for colouring nursery furniture pieces.

Our team ensures that  we are fuly stocked with a huge range of Frenchic products, such as Frenchic Al Fresco paint,Paint, Lazy Paint, Trim Paint and much more. So, if you ever find yourself searching 'Frenchic paint near me' on Google, just go directly to our website, and you will easily find the colours that you're looking for.

Aside from Frenchic furniture paint, we are also passionate about offering the best classic, French-style items on the market. We make sure that every piece in our stunning collection is meticulously hand-picked by our staff, so rest assured that you will find the very best furnishings. As for soft furnishings, The Grey Works offers an exclusive collection of placemats, cushions, French linen tablecloths and napkins. Each of these products is designed and produced by our talented and creative team using our signature French linen.

If interested, you can also buy our top-quality French linen, sold by the metre.


is Frenchic chalk suitable for home furnitureOur website also displays a number of items, including varieties of French-style furniture pieces, home fragrances,mirrors and lighting, kitchen and dining items,interior decorations, and much more.

The Grey Works takes pride in offering authentic Frenchic paint products and other lifestyle items. With our huge collection, we are absolutely a one-stop-shop for all of your decorative and gifting needs.

Our shop started with the passion of its owner, Rebecca Rowles-Davies, who began her journey by painting beautiful pieces of furniture and selling them to people interested in such kind of crafts.

Rebecca's love for interior decor and furniture pieces fuelled her goal to build The Grey Works to help homeowners easily and creatively beautify their living space.

Every item we have for sale is carefully selected to ensure that we offer only top quality, beautifully designed and made products to all of our customers.

For your convenience, searching for products on our online shop can be filtered or categorised for your gifting needs. To further ensure that you will see our top and newest products, we've listed our best sellers and new arrivals in a separate section on the website for you, so feel free to browse.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, we can absolutely make the gift hunt easier and faster for you.

To view our complete list of products, head to our website at You can also reach us by calling 01444 456161 or sending us an email via



Can you use Frenchic paint on kitchen cabinets?

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of homeowners who use Frenchic paint for kitchen cupboards, cabinets, and other furniture.

There are also various types of Frenchic paint products available in the market to choose from like the amazing toxin-free wax and other finishing coats. Making use of such items can drastically transform your kitchen cabinets and tiles as well as make your old worktops look new again.


Is Frenchic paint any good?

Frenchic furniture paint West Sussex is actually used to provide a layer of coverage for many furniture pieces. A lot of people are making use of Frenchic paint products to bring back the original beauty of used furniture items or to recreate a new look for old and vintage furniture.

Frenchic paint products are popular for being an all-natural, mineral and chalk colourant. Aside from that, this brand of paint product is VOC-free, with low levels of solvents and toxins, plus it has virtually no smell.


Can you use Frenchic paint on UPVC doors?

Back doors made of UPVC are not that aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For that reason, many people are looking for ways to make their UPVC doors much more visually attractive.

One of these ways includes using Frenchic outdoor paint that is extremely popular in the market. This paint is known to have the right consistency and also offer an easy application for users.

Unlike other chalk-finish paints, Frenchic paints do not have a glutinous, sloppy consistency.


Repainting Your Old Wardrobes With Frenchic Paint

how safe is Frenchic paint

If you have old fitted wardrobes with faded paint, you can restore them by giving them a fresh coat of paint!

There are so many  solutions  that you can consider, and one of these is Frenchic furniture paints.

Many people use a wide range of Frenchic paints as they are VOC-free and include mineral paint, chalk paint, and more, making them suitable and safe colours to use on all kinds of furniture. They can be used on all types of furniture, including wardrobes and kitchen cupboards.

Since Frenchic paints are a solvent-free colourant and weather-proof, you can ensure that they're durable enough for any interior applications.


Choosing Chalk Paint For Your Home Furniture

If you want to have a certain piece of furniture painted, do consider it's size. Ideally, it is  better to use chalk paints for smaller projects, especially if you want to achieve a classic, shabby chic look.

The Frenchic chalk paint is a toxin-free colourant that can give your furniture pieces a distressed, shabby vibe, but with vibrant colours. There are also some chalk paint brands that offer a range of products for those who want to achieve different looks or a crackle effect.

The best part is, when  you use and work with Frenchic chalk paints and products, you will not have to use a primer, but you can use environment-friendly finishes if you would like a more aged look.

If your furniture needs a fresh coat of VOC-free paint, you've come to the right place! We have a wide collection of Frenchic paint online, brushes, and finishes and aceessories that you can browse right now.