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Room Fragrance Spray for Your Home

Are you tired of your home smelling musty and unwelcoming, and wish to introduce a pleasant aroma into your most frequented rooms? Have you tried, and failed, to source room fragrance sprays which have long-lasting effects? Should you be able to relate to either of these situations, the chances are that you have come to the right place. 

When you browse The Grey Works, you provide yourself with an opportunity to browse through a vast-array of candles and diffusers, all of which will be sure to improve the overall atmosphere within your home. We are also pleased to be able to keep our prices consistently lower than our competitors - we want our wares to be available to all. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to write to us at, or give us a call on 01273 423492.

A Glimpse at Our Fragrance Products

Should you come to the conclusion that The Grey Works are the company best-suited to provide you with room fragrance sprays, allow us to offer you an insight into the types of products that you can purchase from us. If you are searching, for example, for something that continuously releases a smell over a long period of time, our Greek Geodesis Diffuser may be just what you have been looking for. For those of you that enjoy the warm glow that stems from lighting a candle, our Tapered Yellow Pair could be the perfect addition to your set-up.

Home Decor with a French Influence

When you come to The Grey Works, it is important that you understand that although our room fragrance sprays are an intricate part of our business, they are far from being the only products on offer. For example, many of our consumers are taken aback by the sheer beauty that is displayed by our furniture pieces. Here, you can expect to find such things as drawers and tables. If it is visually-impressive accessories that you are searching for, why not treat yourself to a beautiful landscape mirror that you can hang in your living room?

French Style Decor and Scents

Although we have not perhaps been operating as long as some of the other companies in this industry, our overall quality is certainly not something which can be disputed. Whether it is room fragrance spray that you are after, or believe that now is the best time to buy new ornate furniture, we will be sure to leave you completely satisfied. 

Here at The Grey Works, we have always sought to be viewed as a company that maintains high-standards, and this is not something which we take for granted. We recognise that you may be slightly cautious of these claims, particularly if you have no prior knowledge of our company. In order to instil confidence in prospective customers, we ask that you take some time to read through the ever-growing list of Google Reviews that we are in possession of.