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What Are Tapered Candles?

what are dripless tapered candles

Tapered candles may seem like simple items, but when used effectively, they can take your interior design to the next level.  As stockists of a wide variety of high-quality tapered candles, and candle lovers ourselves, we at The Grey Works know this better than anyone.

Taper candles have a cylindrical shape with a broad base that gradually narrows to their cone-shaped tip. They are traditionally made by hand and have a different burn time depending on the candle length and the type of wax used.

How tapered candles improve a space’s look

When it comes to interior decoration, mood and ambience play a significant role in how a room is perceived. And what better way to make things look and feel more elegant and romantic than the soft glow of a candle flame?

Tapered candles are an invaluable decoration for this reason alone, as the unique atmosphere that their light brings soothes and relaxes, which is why they are used for dining and decorating bathing everything in a warm, gentle glow.

These candles are highly decorative. Our tapered candles are available in over 60 beautiful colours, making it easy to create stunning display and an easy way to enhance you space, home or event and create the perfect ambiance.

Our lovely tapered candles at The Grey Workshow do you burn a tapered candle

If you are looking for tapered dining  candles, then look no further. We provide a wide range of fantastic Ester & Erik candles for any setting that you may have.

These candles are made of paraffin with a cotton wick and can burn for up to 11 hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy them. What’s more, we have over 60 stunning colours to choose from, ensuring that you can have the right look for any setting.

Our tapered candles are also guaranteed to be drip-free, provided that you keep them away from a draught.  They are also self-extinguishing and will gently blow out when finished.

Aside from tapered candles, we at The Grey Works also offer a wide selection of wonderfully scented candles. Besides looking great, they also give off a splendid aroma that will fill your home for hours on end.

Although our items already look quite beautiful on their own and make excellent candle gifts, we also have a wide range of chandeliers and cream candle holders that will make them look even more amazing.

If you would like to know more about our products or have any questions, feel free to contact us through 07973143745. You may also send an email to rebecca@thegreyworks.com for written concerns.


What are dripless tapered candles?

While wax will inevitably run down any candle, “dripless” tapered candles are specially designed to be drip free. As long as they are kept a way from a draught our candles will not drip at any timer. They will also self-extinguish and fit easily into any candle holders or candelabras.

How do you burn a tapered candle?

Tapered candles are dipped one layer at a time to achieve their shape. These candles burn slowly and evenly throughout without dripping, provided that you care for them properly. When lighting a candle for the first time, trim the wick down to a half or quarter inch beforehand.

Why is my candle flickering so much?

The amount of air can affect a flame’s teardrop shape. When this shape is disturbed, a lot of flickering and smoking can occur with your candle. Make sure your grey candlestick holders are in an environment suitable for candle burning before using them.

Does freezing a candle make it last longer?

If you’ve received a candle gift set from a loved one, you may want to make it last longer. If you put your candle in the freezer, the wax will harden; this makes the candle burn for longer and the wax to melt slower. The smaller your candle is, the less time it will need to be in the freezer.

When should you throw out candles?

why is my candle flickering so muchOnce your dining room candles have burned for four hours, we recommend letting them cool down for two hours first before trimming them. If your candle has been burning for even longer periods, the wick starts to become mushroom-shaped, so be careful when removing burnt parts.

After every burn, trim the wick by about one-third of an inch. And if there’s only a half-inch of wax remaining at the bottom, then it’s time to replace your candle.

How To Make Your Tapered Candles Fit

Your dinner candles may become unsteady if you don’t have a right-sized holder.

If this is the case, you can heat the bottom of your tapered candle for about 30 seconds. You can either light the candle’s base with a light or place it in a small pot of hot water.


Then, drip some of its wax inside the holder while still hot. The softened wax will conform to the shape of your chrome candle holders, helping them hold the candle better.

Ideally, you should always buy candle holders that perfectly match your candles in size. Whatever holder or candles for the dining table you are looking for, we will always have something that suits your needs.

Great Candle Colours For Wedding Receptions

Here are three great colour choices for your wedding reception candles.

  • Put pink dining room candles in gold holders for a classic pairing, and with good reason; they look absolutely stunning.
  • Black tapered candles are an excellent choice for a more modern look, particularly when used alongside black ceramic dishware. Grey candle holders also work nicely with them.
  • Navy blue. The classy, dark shade of navy candles help to enhance your decorations at the reception, such as the flowers, to pop out nicely.

Aside from these astounding colours, we at The Grey Works also offers a wide variety of other options, including grey candlesticks and more. Let your creativity run wild and choose your favourite  candles from us today!