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Why Use Coral Taper Candles at your Wedding

Is coral in your wedding colour scheme? Light, bright, and not quite pastel but certainly not a dark colour, coral is a great way to bring out positive vibes that you want for your wedding. And if you have chosen coral, why not work in coral taper candles as part of your wedding decorations? 

Here at The Grey Works we supply an amazing selection of taper candles, and our coral ones are particularly popular for weddings. Having candles at your wedding is a great way to bring about a rustic, warm vibe that works really well for a multitude of wedding themes.

How to Display Coral Candles at your Wedding

Use Height to Create a Centerpiece

There's nothing that coral taper candles do as well as offering your decorations height. When it comes to wedding decorations, especially on your tables, you want something that adds that real drama factor. Taper candles specifically offer that sort of height, and they pair really nicely with every theme when using different aesthetics. 

From mix-and-match antique chairs and vintage French plates, to a more traditional wedding aesthetic, coral taper candles can tie an entire aesthetic together with that little hint of drama that both you and your guests will love. You can add to this drama by using an even more explosively dramatic candelabra. Sometimes this can just make all the difference, with the added height and the extra holders that they offer, you can elevate your big day from standard everyday wedding themed, to a beautiful fantasy. 

Can Add to your Wedding Theme

If you're looking for a quirky wedding, the kind of wedding that fairy tales are made of, then you should consider using coral taper candles in your decorations. Not only are they an affordable addition to your decorative features, but they add a feeling of luxury, elegance and drama that no other type of decoration can possibly match. The delightful hues of a coral taper candle in particular adds to the sense of quirkiness, as the almost dusty nature of the tone adds a dreamy soft look to your table decorations. 

You can Display them Anyway

Our coral taper candles are more versatile than simply being relegated to table decor. You should really consider using your coral taper candles to highlight your ceremony space. This is especially great if you’re not getting married in a traditional space. A simple set up of warm candles around your altar can really create a loving and warm ambiance that you’ll remember forever as the best moment of your life.

Ways to Reach Our Team

If you’d like to transform your wedding, then feel free to head over to our website to find out more information. If you have any questions about our products, their quality or our delivery service, then feel free to get in touch with our team today by giving us a call on 01273 423492 or email us at rebecca@thegreyworks.com. We look forward to hearing from you.