Ester & Erik Dusky Pink Tapered Candles (39)


Sold in pairs

Colour: Dusky Pink

Dimensions: 42cm tall, 2.6cm thick

Material: Paraffin, Cotton Wick

Burn time: 11 hours

Packaging details: Candles are presented in a sleek black presentation packet

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Ester & Erik Dusky Pink Tapered Candles (39)

Illuminate your living space with these elegant, lean tapered dining  candles. Beautiful handmade Ester & Erik candles in Dusky Pink; a soft, warm rose petal pink – very pretty.

Handcrafted in Denmark and made using traditional methods to create a fantastic quality candle with a statement look. Self-extinguishing, drip free (if kept draught free) and 11 hours of burning time.

These candles are made in such a way that they burn slowly and are both odour and soot free. They also make for the perfect hosting gift or a treat for a loved one.

We recommend you couple them up with the stylish brass Ester & Erik candle holders to compliment the statement.

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