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Grand Illusions

Powder Vintage Chalk Paint No. 16 -1 Litre

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Whether it's for decorating walls, up-cycling furniture or transforming a living space, this wide range of chalk paint is ideal for providing you with the perfect shade to suit your interior. These Vintage Paints have 46% chalk content and will give your furniture, walls or floors a professional finish each and every time.
Inspired by a Nordic-French pallet, these paints can be mixed, allowing you to find your perfect shade. These eco-friendly vintage chalk paint replicate the buttermilk paint of the 18th and 19th century, which gives an antique finish whilst also providing surfaces with a smooth and even coat. We recommend that when painting onto all surfaces except walls, you use the traditional Simply Wax, to provide a strong protective coating and keep your chalk paint looking fresh.
This vintage chalk paint is made with natural earth pigments, clay, chalk and a small amount of acrylic medium to help bind it together; therefore making it different to modern day emulsions due to its natural components which helps to give it a more chalky, matt finish without priming or sanding. With what we believe to be one of the highest chalk contents on the market, this paint is also VOC free (Volatile Organic Compounds), making it eco-friendly and kinder for the environment, something we feel strongly about.

Size 1 Litre