The Grey Works French Chateau Scented Candle Black

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The Grey Works French Chateau Scented Candle Black

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We adore Home Fragrance!  Therefore we are elated to introduce our new range of scented candles and diffusers. We have thoroughly enjoyed selecting and crafting a range of blends which will intrigue and awaken the senses. Invigorate your home with the wonderful fragrances from The Grey Works collection

French Chateau- An invigorating deep floral with fresh grass notes beautifully blended with an essence of honeysuckle and jasmine. All of which are complimented perfectly with an earthy base aroma.

Our bespoke scented candles are made by hand using the very finest ingredients available. Each candle is hand poured with the addition of carefully selected perfumed oils which have been chosen for their fine quality.

The candle wicks are pure cotton and burn cleanly providing the wicks are trimmed and used in draught free conditions.

These candles are beautifully boxed and wrapped with ribbon. They are available in both white and black glass, the elegant presentation box makes them an ideal gift for a loved one.46 hour burn time