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ester & erik Moss Green Tapered Candles (78)

£6.95 GBP

Sold in pairs

 Decorate and illuminate your interior or exterior space with our beautiful 42cm tapered dining candles that we sell in over 60 stunning colours.
Handcrafted in Denmark by ester & erik and made using traditional methods to create a fantastic quality candle with a statement look. The candles are self-extinguishing, drip free (if kept draught free) and have 11 hours of burning time.
Sold in pairs (£6.95 for a pair) and presented in a sleek black
presentation packet. The perfect hostess gift.
The candles will fit most standard candle holders and fit perfectly into the metal holders made by ester & erik in silver, matt silver and matt brass.

Colour: Moss Green

Dimensions: 42cm tall, 2.6cm thick

Material: Paraffin, Cotton Wick

Burn time: 11 hours

Packaging details: Candles are presented in a sleek black presentation packet