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Frenchic Outdoor furniture paint Swanky Pants 750ml

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Colour Swanky Pants



Frenchic Outdoor Paint Swanky Pants 750ml

Frenchic furniture paint Al Fresco range,  outdoor furniture paint. As with our indoor paint,  Frenchic outdoor furniture paint is EN:71-3 certified meaning safe to paint children’s toys, it has no odour, no stirring or shaking required with very low VOC content.

Frenchic Furniture Paint has no hidden nasties (ALL our ingredients are written on the can). An all-natural, eco-friendly paint that requires no stirring, shaking or the addition of water. We don’t add VOC’s, toxins or solvents and it has virtually no smell.

Also Frenchic Outdoor Paint Swanky Pants 750ml, is hard wearing. Plus its weatherproof with a robust and chalk finish and of course, it paints like a dream

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