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Hester & Cook

Rosette Paper Serving Mats-30 Per Pack

£20.00 GBP

Details: 30 sheets per package, 10 of each size

Dimensions: Each package contains 3 sizes: 8", 10" and 12"

Material: FSC Certified Paper

Made by: Hester & Cook

Colour: Beige and Grey Detailing

Paper sheets are an easy way of adding detail to your dining setting. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply want to spruce up your table, paper serving mats are one way to do that.

These sheets can be used on platters or on tables. Get creative with these sheets by scattering and overlapping them, or alternatively using them individually.

This serving mat is designed with a delicate rosette in brushed grey ink. The detail is printed over a warm beige colour, making it a versatile fit for any table setting. These mats will add sophistication and fun to your dining, and with ease.

You can place food directly on the paper and serve. Alternatively, you may want to place the papers underneath a plate or bowel. Each package contains 30 sheets of paper, with three different sizes included. You can pick how you display the small, medium and large serving mats as you please.

Hester & Cook are an American brand best known for their paper placemats and table runners. The Grey Works is proud to stock an assortment of Hester & Cook products including paper placemats, place cards and tea towels. Shop the range and find the perfect accents for your social gatherings.