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Illumens Scented Candle in Horse’s Neck

£25.00 GBP

Scented wax candle in black glass. Sold with sleek presentation box as shown.

Burn time: 40 hours

Weight: 220g

Made By: Illumens

Scent: Horse's Neck (Leather, Woody Fragrance)

Horse's Neck fragranced candle. ILLUMENS are a brand which offer a stunning collection of scented candles. These candles have an excellent reputation due to their quality manufacturing process. Generously imbued with the highest quality fragrance oil, filling your home with wonderful scents and lighting up the darkest areas of your home. Burn time of around 40 hours.

Reminiscent of a tack room, horses, leather and the woods. If Autumn had a scent, it would be this Horse’s Neck scented candle. Simply glorious!

ILLUMENS is a small business which was formed by Caroline and her husband Russell in 2009. Since then, this candle range has taken off and become a must have for those in the know. All ILLUMENS products are handmade in Suffolk, United Kingdom. The fragrances and designs are figurative of the creator’s passions, experiences and explorations.